Romania is a surprising destination, welcoming and versatile, that manages to seduce celebrities and pamper anyone who visits it. Whether you plan a stag or hen party or just your usual annual trip with friends, Romania is a place to consider. And if you start your journey in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, book a few extra days and enjoy the broad range of activities the city has to offer. We don’t mean just hitting the bars and nightclubs (although Bucharest is famous for that, too) but enjoying daytime activities such as blowing off steam in a smash room.

What Is a Smash Room?

A smash room (or rage room) is a dedicated space where one can smash old objects in a controlled environment. A little bit like a demolishing session. You are allowed (and encouraged!) to destroy items such as electronics and ceramics to release stress and clear your mind. However, you are protected by safety gear (e.g., glasses, gloves, etc.) and use dedicated tools, so everything is as safe and efficient as can be.

It seems that the smash room concept appeared in 2008 in Japan and the United States as a way of releasing anger and thus reducing aggression and violence outside the room. Sometimes it is used in hospitals and schools to reduce the risk of burnout among the staff. Without any doubt, smash rooms have a therapeutic effect. But they are also incredibly fun, especially when you share your experience with your stag or hen party in Bucharest.

Why Choosing a Rage or Smash Room?

Well, because it feels good. Also, it changes the group’s mood and creates a shared memory you will talk about forever. “Remember when you attacked that old TV set?“ and “You didn’t give that porcelain figurine a chance!” will keep coming back to your conversations.

Besides boosting your party’s morale, a visit to a rage or smash room while in Bucharest is a great way to start your trip. It raises adrenaline levels and reduces stress; helps you forget about packing and travelling; and leaves you with an open mind and clear perspective over what comes next. Book a smash room experience on your first morning in Bucharest, and the rest of your stay will run smoothly and joyfully.

Last but not least, enjoying a smash room encourages you to try new things, and that’s a very good-to-have attitude while in Bucharest. You may feel energized and ready to try off-road driving or rafting. Or you may feel refreshed and ready for bar crawling and spirits tasting. It’s like going to the gym in the morning but much better and certainly much more fun.

How to Make the Most Out of a Smash Room in Bucharest

Like with any other activity in Bucharest, you have plenty of options to customize your smash room experience. For example, you may want to smash old electronic devices and equipment to release work-related stress and get the bachelor or bachelorette party going on the best of terms. Or you may prefer to destroy glass, ceramic, and porcelain objects to help you forget about wedding plans. Everyone has their agenda. If you can’t decide, you can book a screaming room and just yell everything out.

Your friends can join in because we provide smash rooms that accommodate up to five persons. But you can also divide into smaller groups and share a room between two, three, or four people. Of course, you can have the room for yourself for a very personal and extreme detox session.

Smashing sessions last for 15 minutes, and you get 20 items per person. No one says you can’t book more than one session or ask for more items. As we said before, Bucharest is a place where you’ll be spoiled. Activities are designed to make you and your party happy. And if you want proof of your destroying skills, you can film your smash room experience with a GoPro camera provided at the location. Yes, we thought of everything.

Regardless of whether you plan in detail or leave everything to us, to make the most out of a smash room you need the right attitude. You need to be present and focus all your attention on the current activity. If you are absent-minded, it won’t work. Well, at least in the beginning, because a smash room has a way of forcing you to be present and forget about everything else. And that’s the best you can take away from this experience: to enjoy the present moment with all your being.


If we were to underline a single reason for you to try a smash room in Bucharest, it would be the outstanding release of energy. The experience helps you relax and get rid of stress, be present in the moment, and start fresh. It is fun and engaging, helping you bond with your stag or hen party or your group of friends, and marks a memorable trip to Bucharest.