Bucharest is an Eastern European capital that knows how to live a fun life. Despite its troubled history and many economical and social problems, Bucharest is a vibrant city, ready to party night and day. This frisky attitude got Bucharest through its darkest times and created a unique artistic current you can easily recognise in Romanian movies and plays. It also made the list of Bucharest daytime activities long and fun.

Making fun of trouble was the Romanian way of coping with the dictatorial communist regime. Underground jokes full of subtle allusions to the regime’s policy built powerful bonds between people. Partying with family and friends was almost the only way to have fun during those times. So Bucharest perfected the concept of party and nowadays the city transforms any event into a party and welcomes locals and foreigners with open arms. No wonder that Bucharest is famous for its nightlife, clubs, concerts, tasty food, and welcoming people.

Nevertheless, Bucharest daytime activities are equally rewarding and much more diverse than the nightlife. The city abounds in history, culture, sportive resorts, and leisure clubs. It’s competitive, noisy, and full of adrenaline. Bucharest indulges in good food and drinks, loves speed and amazing cars, and takes a break to relax at the spa from time to time. The city takes everything and nothing seriously at the same time. It’s always up for a good laugh, a fun festival, or the latest games and gadgets.

A Bucharest History Lesson

To understand Bucharest you have to understand its history. And the history of the city started a long time ago. Bucharest was first mentioned in 1459 as one of the residences of Prince Vlad the Impaler. His Old Princely Court can still be seen in the Old Town. After centuries of wars and political changes, the city became the capital of the Romanian Kingdom in the XIXth century. It was the beginning of its modern life. Bucharest was equipped with gaslighting, a horsecar tram system, and telephone. Shortly, it became fashionable and a destination on the famous Orient Express route.

A few XIXth century buildings have survived time and can still be admired today. Among them are the Romanian Athenaeum, the National Bank of Romania, The Palace of Justice, Cotroceni Palace, and the train station Gara de Nord. Until the beginning of the Second World War, Bucharest lived happy years. Constructions such as the Royal Palace and the Arch of Triumph, the development of arts and education, and the glamorous parties of the Romanian high society transformed the city into the Little Paris.

Bucharest has an eclectic style. It started with Oriental and Slavic trades and added the French bohemian charm and the German rigor. Then the city lived almost 50 years under the communist regime and the pre-war lifestyle and many of the historical buildings were destroyed. Romanian engineers used to hide churches and old buildings behind big apartment blocks or move them on wheels to keep them away from the eyes of the dictator and save them from demolition. After 1989, democracy brought new architecture based on glass and steel. As a result, the layers of history that make modern Bucharest are engraved on the walls of the buildings.

From May until October, you can have a guided bus tour of the city. Bucharest city tour offers open-top buses, English speaking guides, and a tour of the most interesting places in the city. From the Village Museum to the Palace of Parliament, the Royal Palace, and the main commercial streets, the Bucharest city tour gives you insight into the complicated Romanian history. It takes approximately 50 minutes and costs around 5 Euros.

What Makes Bucharest a Fun Place?

Bucharest is a fun place not only thanks to the jovial nature of the Romanian people. Lately, Bucharest has invested a lot in the hospitality and entertainment industries. As a result, the city is a renowned destination for city breaks, fun weekends, and group trips. It offers activities for all ages and preferences, from cultural sites to funky concerts and sports competitions.

If you’re looking for interesting facts about Bucharest, you need to know that here is the heaviest and the most expensive administrative building in the world (The Palace of Parliament). It has the longest boulevard in Europe too, Unirii Boulevard, built to surpass Paris’s Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Bucharest hosts some of the most appreciated jazz and classical music festivals in Europe and has one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. And even though it used to be the residence of Vlad the Impaler, the city has nothing to do with Dracula and vampires.

It’s easy to find your way around the city. Bucharest has the fourth-largest transit network in Europe, which is even larger if you count bicycle and scooter renting. And you can use GPS without worrying about the connection. The city has one of the fastest Internet connections in Europe and free Wi-Fi almost everywhere. You can take photos with your phone and upload them in seconds. And above all, Bucharest is much less expensive than Western Europe, which makes it extremely enjoyable and comfortable for tourists. You can enjoy all Bucharest daytime activities without worrying about the budget. Not to mention that most people speak English and are happy to give you the best tips and directions.

In the last couple of years, festivals and fairs have taken over the city. You can hardly find a week without at least one festival. They feature street food, all sorts of music styles, cars and motorcycles, traditional holidays, movies, street art, and more. It’s Bucharest’s way of moving the party outdoor. Regardless of the topic of the festival, you’ll find music, food, coffee and drinks, fun activities, and an amazing atmosphere. Some festivals require paying an entrance fee but most of them have free entrance and better prices for souvenirs than in regular shops. So even if festivals aren't on the regular list of Bucharest daytime activities, you can check them out when you're in the city.

Romanian cuisine is praised in every tourist guide and for good reason. However, you should try Romanian spirits, wine, and artisanal beer too. Local brands are present in any bar or restaurant, sometimes under the name “wine/beer of the house”, and are cheaper than the foreign drinks. If you want something strong, go for Palinca or Tuica, traditional Romanian spirits made from plums or pears. They incorporate the flavours of the land and the spirit of the people living here. Ask questions about local wine and beer, and you’ll receive good stories and make new friends. Or plan your trip to Bucharest during a wine or beer festival and try local specialties at your taste.

But not everything is about food and drinks, isn’t it? Bucharest provides a long list of activities, English speaking guides, and many surprises. All you have to do is choose your favourite things to do in Bucharest.

Bucharest Daytime Activities

Bucharest is a cosmopolite city, with mixed architectural styles and rich history. A city tour is always a good idea. It will take you through hundreds of years of upheavals, from monarchy to the communist regime and democracy, from French-inspired culture to traditional Romanian stories, from bloody revolutions to the historical first-ever visits of a Pope in Romania. This heterogeneous mix of old and new, good and bad, tragic and comic is what makes Bucharest special and unique.

Romanians are competitive and love a good adrenaline rush. As a result, activities such as paintball, obstacle races, running competitions, karting, swift rally driving, and motorcycle championships have a large audience. If the weather is bad, indoor recreational centres offer all you can imagine, from pool parties to 3D multiplexes and escape rooms. Tennis had a strong come-back in the last years, thanks to Simona Halep’s performance. You can find tennis courts in parks and near hotels.

Bucharest is where all major national football competitions take place and where you can see football fans taking over the city and partying all night. Even if the Romanian national team doesn’t have very good results in the World Cup or other major championships, the passion for football is transmitted from generation to generation. Kids play in the schoolyard, adults play in dedicated locations, and all of them watch it intensely at the TV. Enter football-related bars and shops and get an idea of what passion for football means. One huge party is coming up in 2021 when Bucharest will be one of the 12 host cities of the UEFA EURO 2020.

Spend a day wandering around the city and trying more than one of Bucharest daytime activities to feel the pulse of the city. But keep in mind that you can plan your party in a single location if you want. You can choose to relax at Eastern Europe’s biggest indoor spa centre, spend a day in one of the largest malls in Europe, ride a bike and paddle in the King Mihai I Park, or try one of the fun centres around the city.

If you plan a longer holiday in Romania, keep in mind that Bucharest is just a couple of hours away from the Black Sea and the Carpathian Mountains. You can have a weekend outside the city anytime you like. Consider taking a country trip to the Transfagarasan Road, the second-highest mountain pass in Romania, with an elevation of over 2,000 meters. Visit Sighisoara, one of the few remaining fortified towns still inhabited, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Or plan a road trip to Poiana Brasov to hike, bike, or just enjoy the fresh air.

Bucharest’s cafes open around 9 AM to give you an energy boost with high-quality coffee and Romanian pastry. Bike, scooter, and boat rentals start around 10 AM and require a valid ID card. Public transportation is available from 5 AM to 11 PM and requires tickets bought in advance.

Places to Have Fun in Bucharest

It’s cool, stylish, and effervescent. And it knows for sure how to party. Discover Bucharest daytime activities and plan a fun and adventurous bachelor or bachelorette party right now. Here are the best places to have fun in Bucharest.

City Tour with Hot Rod Fun Bucharest

The little white cars of Hot Rod Fun Bucharest will take you around the city and its surroundings. Eye-catching and fun, the cars are the ultimate expression of freedom and joy. They have 170cc engine capacity, 14HP, and can reach 90 kmph.

The WENCKSTERN Hot Rod has started its journey in Hamburg, Germany, under the watchful eye of Maik Wenckstern. The car weighs less than 155 kg, has direct steering and no shock absorbers. It’s designed for enthusiastic people who want to feel the road.

Choose a city tour to enjoy the outstanding Palace of Parliament, Victoria Road - the first paved boulevard in Bucharest, Unirii Boulevard – the longest boulevard in Europe, and all the good places in Bucharest. And while you can’t enjoy a drink (the zero-alcohol-limit applies in Romania), you can enjoy up to three hours of pure driving pleasure in a car designed to bring you joy. All you need is a Driving License class 3 or B and dry weather. Summers in Romania are pretty dry, so don’t worry about the weather.

Hot Rod Fun Bucharest organises special tours, so feel free to express your wishes. All tours are guided and designed to show you the fun side of Bucharest and the beauty of its surroundings. Put the helmet on and embark on the Hot Rod Fun Bucharest adventure.

Go Karting with AMKCART

Whether karting is your passion or you’ve never tried it, you should plan a daytime party at AMKCART situated on the Bucharest’s beltline. The location provides a 1,240 meters long circuit, approved by the Commission Internationale de Karting (CIK-FIA) where you can have fun all day long and ever after dark. Night lighting is available as well.

AMKCART hosts national karting competitions and teaches karting classes. They know everything about karting and are happy to share their passion with you. If you’re up for a friendly competition, AMKCART offers you complete packages that include cup and award ceremonies, catering services, and indoor spaces for parties and conferences.

It's one of the top-rated Bucharest daytime activities and a great way to discover the passion for driving.

Experience Outdoor Shooting at Bucharest Shooting Club

Adrenaline seekers should place Bucharest Shooting Club on their Bucharest daytime activities list and experience military life. The club provides divers firearms such as powerful pistols, revolvers, sniper rifles, shotguns, carbines, and the AK-47 Kalashnikov. They were the first to offer shooting with the AK-47 Kalashnikov in Bucharest and you can trust their experience and professionalism.

The shooting range features high standards of safety and security, professional shooting instructors, and English speaking guides. They also offer clay shooting, indoor and outdoor paintball, and a mixed shooting and paintball experience. Bucharest Shooting Club is available all year-round and you can choose between indoor and outdoor shooting stands.

This is a preferred location for stag groups, team buildings, and friends who want to have a unique experience. Their attention to detail and a wide variety of weapons allowed them to achieve excellent customer satisfaction and be rated one of the best things to do in Bucharest.

Paint Your Way through Army Paintball Bucharest

Paintball is fun, competitive, and memorable, just like all the other Bucharest is. As a result, paintball is among the top Bucharest daytime activities. If you want to give it a try, make it in style and go to the largest indoor and outdoor paintball location in Romania.

Army Paintball Bucharest offers five outdoor thematic fields with areas between 3, 000 sqm and 20, 000 sqm, and one indoor field with an area of 1, 050 sqm. Moreover, the indoor field is situated in the heart of the city, near subway and bus stations. You can have fun all year-round and in any weather conditions.

Dressing the military coat requires discipline and tenacity. You have to play by the rules even if you’re just playing. Army Paintball Bucharest emphasizes cooperation and fair play. Paintball is not just a fun activity; it’s a way of building trust, developing strategy, and learning to communicate with your peers. Moreover, Army Paintball’s fields are created as history lessons and feature historical moments such as the Second World War, Yugoslav Wars, and the Romanian Revolution.

To make the experience even more enjoyable, you’ll find professional equipment, dressing rooms and showers, two thematic party spaces, a space to catch your breath and have a drink, and climate control for optimal fighting conditions.

Army Paintball Bucharest is open until 10 PM on weekdays and 1 AM on weekends.

Have Fun with Bubble Football Romania

Bubble football was invented in Norway by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden, who popularised it through their TV show. It wasn’t long until the first-ever Bubble Football World Cup took place in London. Bucharest couldn’t miss the opportunity to play football and have fun running around in a plastic bubble. Visit Bubble Football Romania for an unforgettable experience.

Bubble football has almost the same rules as a regular football game. However, because you wear an inflatable bubble that protects your head and chest, you can knock down as many opponents as you can. And you’re encouraged to do it. Also, the fields are smaller, men and women can play together, and a team has a maximum of five members.

At Bubble Football Romania you can also try a traditional Romanian game called ”Country, country, we want soldiers!” (”Țară, țară, vrem ostași!”). Each team forms a line by holding hands. When their turn comes, each team delegates a member to run and break the enemy’s line. If the attempt is successful, the team will get a member from the opponent team. Otherwise, it will lose the member who failed. The game ends when one team loses all members. Now imagine doing this in a bubble.

There are other forms of having fun while you’re in an inflatable bubble. Sumo and last man standing are just a few examples. Bubble football is a memorable experience and a fun workout. Don't forget it when you plan your Bucharest daytime activities.

Relax at Therme Bucharest

Not all Bucharest daytime activities should be about sports and competitions. From time to time, everybody needs to relax and take a day off from the rush of the city.

Therme Bucharest is the biggest indoor spa centre in Eastern Europe and hosts an impressive botanical garden with over 800, 000 plants. It’s within 10-minutes distance North of Bucharest and provides entertainment and recreation facilities able to fill your agenda for the entire day. 10 pools, 6 saunas, 4 wet saunas, and 16 waterslides are just some of them.

Photo: facebook.com/thermebucuresti

Among the best attractions of Therme Bucharest is the largest pool in Romania (560 sqm), the biggest urban beach in Europe, and the largest palm tree plantation in Europe. It also has the biggest network of indoor waterslides in Romania. The water has always 33 degrees Celsius and is purified using ozonation, which is sustainable, doesn’t require any chemicals, and has stronger germicidal properties than chlorination.

Not far away from the city centre, this oasis of relaxation combines healthcare, physical activity, food, and entertainment into the perfect package for holidays or weekends. You can choose to visit a dedicated area (for example, the entertainment area with waterslides) or the entire location. Therme also organizes events and special activities such as thermotherapy, massages, Aufguss rituals, yoga sessions, and workouts. You can add them to your Bucharest daytime activities as well.

You can get to Therme Bucharest by bus, taking free shuttles from the city.

Photo: facebook.com/thermebucuresti

In conclusion

Bucharest is an interesting European capital with plenty of fun things to do. The city has a rich history and a modern lifestyle, small prices, and friendly people. It celebrates each moment with joyful festivals, sports competitions, and fun games. The list of Bucharest daytime activities is long, as well as the nightlife activities. Bucharest has overcome many obstacles and it probably has many more to overcome. But the city maintains its playful and optimistic spirit and quickly becomes an appreciated touristic destination.