We know very well that Romania is a true gem. That’s why we are committed to delivering the best Romanian experience to people who look for parties and adventures, whether they are on a stag or hen do or a regular holiday with their friends. From Bucharest to Brasov to Constanta, Romania provides attractive nightlife and clubs, exquisite nature, and unique cultural experiences. We take you to visit the castle that inspired the Dracula story, party on the beach at festivals where the music doesn’t stop for days, and indulge in foods and drinks that mix Western tastes with Eastern traditions. Bucharest Bachelors helps you create unforgettable memories in Romania alongside your bachelor or bachelorette party. However, we do more than that.

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Banter Experiences packs the same amazing adventures, care for details, and stunning services but delivers in various European locations. We extract the essence of the UK, Germany, Latvia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, and Greece. Always looking to impress you, we’ve chosen the best European destinations for having a party, get creative with your stag or hen do, and discover unique places where you simply must come back. Furthermore, Banter Experiences takes the next step and includes corporate experiences as well. Make a subtle suggestion to your boss to book us, and we’ll make sure the next teambuilding will be more fun than usual.

Now let’s do a daydreaming exercise. What would you like to do on your stag or hen do? If it’s the classic strip club, bar crawl, limousine, and party-after-party journey, we have your back. Take your friends to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for a bucket list trip or to Albufeira, Portugal, for an exotic weekend with impressive sunsets.

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Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital, should be on your list if you like beer. Czechs drink more beer than any other nation in the world, 128l per person per year. And they surely know how to make it. That’s not to say all you’ll be doing in Prague will be drinking. We organize brewery tours (alright, still beer-related activity), BVP and tank driving, river cruises, and water rafting. And stag pranks for those with a spicy taste.

We know girls like Ibiza, Spain, so we couldn’t overlook this outstanding party destination. Mamaia is known as Ibiza of the East. If you want to compare notes, you must also book a weekend in Ibiza. We collect the best activities from nightclubs to watersports activities, sunset cruises, and beach and pool parties in this hot location. And if you prefer more cultural Spanish cities, Banter Experiences has Madrid and Valencia prepared. Benidorm is also for a beach party extravaganza for equal measure.

As we’ve learned from Bucharest Bachelors experience, a stag or hen party or any trip with friends, for that matter, needs a good dose of adrenaline. If Romania provides the ideal environment for ATV rides, offroad driving, rafting, and watching bears in a sanctuary, other European destinations have their share of adventure. In Berlin, Germany, you can throw axes, kayak, try karting, or drive a Trabant. In Krakow, Poland, you can take bungee jumping off your bucket list, add pole, belly, samba, and burlesque dancing to your resumé, or try shooting. In Budapest, Hungary, you can try archery (Hungary’s national sport), attend horse races, and go bobsledding (yes, even in the summer). You’ll notice that our activities consider local traditions and lifestyle. We strongly believe this is the right way to get to know a place, culture, and people, by looking at what they do fullhearted.

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We take care of every single detail for you. From our experience, you don’t want to fuss about airport transfers, accommodation, reservations, entry tickets, and GPS coordinates of the best clubs in town. Therefore, all you have to do is browse our websites, bucharestbachelors.com and justbanter.co.uk, and choose your preferred accommodation and activities. We have everything booked and ready for you in exchange for a small deposit. Moreover, we work with inspired and dedicated local providers and guides, take care of all safety measures, and plan beforehand. Do you fancy airport transfer by helicopter or by boat in Mykonos, Greece? You got it. No delays, checking bus schedules, or arriving already tired at your stag or hen do.

Regardless of your location of choice, you’ll deal with English-speaking guides. They will give you all the information you need to enjoy daytime and nighttime activities, valuable local tips unavailable on tourist mainstream. Like Bucharest Bachelors, Banter Experiences aims to provide smooth journeys full of fun, laughter, and excitement. Time is precious, let’s not waste it reading reviews and getting lost like any tourist in a new place. Book your next adventure with us and allow us to pamper you in one of the many amazing locations Europe has to offer.

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