All stag do weekends in Bucharest call for lots of great stag do activities, but with so many on offer, what should you go for? As the experts in organising the best Bucharest stag weekends, we have compiled a list of 5 awesome stag do activities in Bucharest that will blow your minds!

Dwarf Hire

Looking for a great way to stitch up the stag? How do you think he'd react to being handcuffed to a dwarf for the night?! Now is the time to find out. As you all meet up to begin the night's adventures, a female dwarf in fancy dress will appear and handcuff herself to the stag. He won’t know what’s hit him. They say all good things come in small packages, so treat the stag to a surprise in won’t be forgetting in a hurry. The dwarf will be handcuffed to the stag for 2 hours – so wherever the stag goes, so does she! And when we say wherever, we mean wherever… The stag will have no choice but to just go along with it!

Evening Meal

Perhaps the best way to kick of your stag weekend in Bucharest is with an easy stag do activity, and what better than a succulent evening meal with the lads? No stag weekend in Bucharest is complete without sampling some of Romania's finest cuisine, so treat yourselves to one of the city's best restaurants where you will get a taste of some of the traditional meals served throughout Romania. You and the lads can delve into a wonderful dining experience, where you will have a 3-course meal prepared and served with passion and love. This awesome stag do activity is perfect for setting the standard for the night’s endeavours.



The one thing you and the boys will want to do on your epic stag do in Bucharest is to take advantage of their laid back gun laws. When you go visiting Romania for your stag weekend, you will want to carry with you your gun shooting skills. Forget about COD or any other electronic shooting game you play. In Bucharest you get to do the real thing. With real guns. And not just any other gun. We are talking about military grade assault weapons. Guns that will make you think that you are in a warzone in Iraq or Afghanistan. Depending on how much of a big boy you are, you’ll get to choose between different guns including: 1911 Colt .45 Pistol, AK-47 Kalashnikov Assault Rifle, FN Scar Rifle, Glock 17 Pistol, Roni Carbine, Remington 700 VTR Sniper Rifle, CZ75 Pistol and a Makarov Pistol.

awesome stag do activities in bucharest

Limousine With Lap Dancing

Another awesome stag do activity in Bucharest involves a private limousine and a stripper or two… What could get much better?! Now, if you are going to have your stag do in Bucharest, you don't want to settle for anything less than epic. So do your transfers in style. Straight from the airport, we’ll a chauffeur to pick you up in a pimped up stretch limo complete with a mini-bar, leather finishes, state of art lighting and out of this world entertainment, leaving you and your friends to sit back and enjoy the ride. The chauffeur will go wherever you want him to go. What beats a good limousine ride? A limousine ride with a stripper. If you want to take it up a notch, you can request to get a stripper. As you enjoy the music and the scenery, you can get all worked up… But you’ll want to keep the windows rolled up!

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Beach Club Brunch Party

When travelling all that way to Bucharest, you’d be a fool not to visit one of its famous beach resorts. Mamaia is renowned for its buzzing nightlife and its hot clubbing scene, but how about bringing all that fun forward a few hours and hanging out at the Mamaia beach for brunch? Beach parties are becoming ever popular amongst stag goers in Bucharest, so what better way to spend your final days of freedom? There is no doubt your boy will be thanking you for this – beauties in bikinis, the food and drinks flowing to the DJ's beats… What more could you ask for?!

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