When it comes to organising a Stag weekend, you’ll want to pick something that will start the party off with a bang. Bucharest is known for being one of the top European destinations for Stag dos, and with all the amazing activities to choose from, it should come as no surprise. You can go anywhere in the world if you are looking to have a wild weekend, but if you fancy something a little more unconventional, Bucharest has you covered. Read on for our top 5 unusual stag do activities in Bucharest.

Open Top Bus City Tour

Perhaps the best way to start of your Bucharest Stag weekend is by heading out on a guided tour of the city. Not only is it a great way to get your bearings, it is also the perfect chance to seek out those awesome bars and clubs for your evening adventures! The tour itself is great fun for those looking to brush up on their history, or even those who are in the mood for taking advantage of the breath-taking photo opportunities.


- Hop On/Hop Off Bus Tour
- Ticket Valid for 24 Hours
- Tour of the City

Off Road Driving


For the ultimate Stag weekend you’ll no doubt want some adrenaline-filled action, and what better way to do so than by going off-road driving! Bring out your wild side as you embark on a journey across rocky terrains in an attempt to bring out the best driver. You and the boys will get to race around in a land cruiser, truly making the most of being on Romanian soil. For an exhilarating adventure, off-road driving is the perfect activity to let loose on your Stag weekend.



- Off Road Land Cruiser
- 40 Minute Race
- Instructor
- Safety Gear

Rally Driving


Rally driving is the perfect Stag activity Bucharest for those looking for a fast-paced and thrilling adventure. Remember all those dreams of driving fast cars to impress the ladies? With this rally driving session you and the boys will get to the feel the rush as you embark on a rally training experience. Whether you choose a Golf 3 GTI or a BMW, this is a real opportunity to compete for the title of the ‘Stig of the Stag’!

unusual stag do activities in bucharest


- First Timer Rally Training
- 10 Minutes Session on the Track
- Safety Gear
- Choose from: Golf 3 GTI, BMW E30 or BMW E36ix
- Additional Minutes Available On-site

Thermal Spa


When you think of a Stag do you don’t immediately think of a trip to the spa, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect way to nurse that bad hangover! Bucharest is known for its thermal spas, so you won’t want to pass up the chance to hang out and relax in the hot waters. Depending on what you fancy, you can choose to spend your day in the thermal water complex, one of the many pools, in a sauna or a jacuzzi.

unusual-stag-do-activities-in-bucharest image


- 3 Hour Ticket to Modern Thermal Water Complex
- Thermal Spa with Pools
- Jacuzzis & Sauna
- Rain Forest Inspired Surroundings

Dwarf Hire

The Stag do is perhaps the perfect excuse to get one over on the groom-to-be so pranks are almost always expected. Well, that was until now! Looking for the ultimate way to stitch him up? Dwarf hire is just the thing. Imagine being interrupted by a little lady in fancy dress. Imagine the Stag’s face as she handcuffs herself to him. It’ll be a right picture! What is even better than that? He’ll have absolutely no choice but to just go along with it.


- Dwarf in Fancy Dress
- Handcuffed to Stag for 2 Hours

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