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The current collaboration between Bucharest Bachelors and Moxy Bucharest Old Town has grown into a beautiful partnership that provides exquisite services for their clients. From now on, the hotel’s clients will benefit from Bucharest Bachelors’ concierge services. The list of services includes bar crawl, reservations to the best clubs and restaurants in Bucharest, city tours, and fun daytime activities.

The partnership is based on mutual values and sealed with enthusiasm. Both Moxy Bucharest Old Town and Bucharest Bachelors are determined to support their customers in discovering the best activities. They want to offer a fun and vibrant stay and unforgettable accommodation experience. Whether you are on a business trip, looking for hen do or stag do accommodation in Bucharest, or just wanting a fun holiday with your friends, a stay at the Moxy Marriott Bucharest Old Town will be hard to beat.


The Story of Moxy Bucharest Old Town

Moxy Bucharest Old Town is situated in the heart of the city, near the main touristic attractions. This newly built 3* hotel has a contemporary style that’s hard to miss in the landscape of the city. Nothing is more attractive here than the mix of old and new; cosiness and technology; fun and efficiency. Moxy Bucharest Old Town is definitely a great addition to the Romanian hospitality market.

The main attraction points of the hotel are its central location in the Old Town, chic interiors with stylish furniture, “plug and meet” gathering areas, and the 24h open bar. Bucharest Old Town nightlife is something you have ever dreamed of. It is ready for the Instagram generation and it assures you it will look great in pictures. There are many things to do in Bucharest stag do. The hotel focuses on social activities and interaction but, at the same time, provides privacy and self-service. Imagine a chic hen party in this cool and friendly hotel or watching UEFA Euro 2020 with your stag group on state-of-art video walls and 58-inch televisions whilst sitting comfortably in ergonomic seats.

The Concept

The city is no longer a destination solely for businessmen. It’s a cool European capital and Moxy Bucharest Old Town knows it. The hotel is designed for the young-soul traveller, independent and brave. It doesn’t offer the usual stag do accommodation but a complete experience where the beauty of the location, technology, and fun come together. Moxy Bucharest Old Town combines efficient operations with self-service and the result is a unique concept that suits the city perfectly.

“Moxy is for everyone that is opened minded and loves to play and have fun. Our guests are fun hunters and love to experience the place where they travel. Millennial's, Gen Z, or young at heart, they just appreciate Moxy’s core values: Fun, Spirited, and Thoughtful. They just want to have great experiences and Moxy is all about this. We have the soul of a boutique hotel and affordable prices without any lack of style or comfort.” - Moxy by Marriott Bucharest Old Town

Values and Culture

Moxy Bucharest Old Town creates a playful environment and brings the social scene in the middle of the city. There’s no reason for you not to have fun whilst visiting the capital of Romania. The city is full of fun activities and the hotel helps you enjoy them in its young and relaxed way. It’s like home but with a bartender. Technology keeps you connected, social spaces are always buzzing with new ideas, and your room helps you relax after a busy day.

But Moxy Bucharest Old Town isn’t just about playing and having fun. The hotel is designed to create interaction and inspiration. It’s thoughtful, spirited, a full of positive energy. Moreover, everyone is welcome whether they’re here for business or leisure, a bachelor party, or the next adventure. A stag or hen party accommodation in Bucharest has to be fun but also comfortable so you can feel pampered and create amazing memories.

“We bring a different approach, offering to our guests not just a stay, but an experience, breaking the rules of traditional hospitality. The playful and vibrant experience at Moxy, probably the boldest Marriott brand, is completed by innovative mobile services, such as using the digital key from an app or chatting online with the hotel’s crew for questions and requests. Moxy helps you travel in style, have fun, and live new experiences.” - Moxy Bucharest Old Town

The Concierge Service by Bucharest Bachelors

Having an amazing hotel service is not enough. You need to take the pulse of the city, experience its cultural life, and explore its surroundings. Moxy Bucharest Old Town wants to enrich its clients’ stay in Bucharest with the best recommendations. And here is where the partnership with Bucharest Bachelors enters the scene.

The concierge services provided by Bucharest Bachelors consider everything. From the best restaurants specialized in Romanian flavors to the coolest things to do on a hen do or a stag do in Bucharest, our expertise covers a wide variety of activities. Moreover, the partnership is based on common values and is designed to be a thoughtful benefit for the client.

“We choose our partners carefully and Bucharest Bachelors has the same core values as Moxy. Together we can offer to our guests the service that we promised.” - Moxy Bucharest Old Town

Best stag and hen do weekend activities

Discover the city and its surroundings through the best concierge services in the old city. Bucharest Bachelors knows where you can have an amazing culinary experience and where you can increase the adrenaline levels. Among the best stag do and hen do activities promoted by the concierge service are bar crawl in Lipscani, VIP tables at the best places in town, amazing city tours, and day trips to Romania’s top travel destinations. Discover Peles Castle, the former residence of the Romanian royal family, and Bran Castle, the medieval fortress that inspired the story of Dracula. Enjoy the Carpathian Mountains and the wild beauty of Romanian landscapes.

If you need a bachelor or bachelorette party trip ideas to Bucharest, you may enjoy sightseeing in a cool mini Hot Rod. If you come for leisure, you may enjoy a relaxing day at the Therme, one of the most stylish spa resorts in Eastern Europe. Even for the busy business traveller, there are plenty of cool activities such as an elegant dinner with traditional Romanian food, a VIP experience, or club reservations.

It is a surprising city. Your concierge can arrange for you karting, paintball, or shooting experience or advise you where to take a long and pleasant walk. You may want to enjoy a summer party by the lake or try bubble football for the first time. City tours are also available and recommended. You don’t need a tourist guide, just the outstanding concierge services. And that’s because at Moxy Bucharest Old Town everybody comes together to provide you the best trip ever.

In Conclusion

The partnership between Bucharest Bachelors and Moxy by Marriott Bucharest Old Town creates a unique concept. It combines self-service for independent people with amazing technology, contemporary comfort, and the passion for new experiences. Modern travellers want to explore and get to know the places they visit. Even people coming for a hen or stag party in Bucharest want more than matching T-shirts. They need customizable services, state-of-the-art technology, and the freedom to satisfy their curiosity.

At Moxy Bucharest Old Town each guest is unique and deserves the best services. By partnering and adding concierge services, the hotel makes sure their guests will keep coming back to the city. Discover one of the best stag and hen do accommodation in Bucharest and start your new life with joyful experience in Romania.