Sunwaves Festival has been producing amazing experiences since 2007. Music takes over Mamaia Nord, on the Black Sea coast, and dancing doesn’t stop until sunrise (literally, the music at Sunwaves doesn't stop for the entire time of the festival). So what can be better than an exuberant edition of Sunwaves festival? Well, two editions of Sunwaves, just four short months apart. And to ensure you have an amazing time, Bucharest Bachelors offers you airport transfer from Bucharest and Constanta directly to the festival’s door and accommodation. Nothing to worry about other than booking a place!

Discover Sunwaves 32, the Spring Edition for 2024

The setup is ready; the artists are prepared. Between May 1st, 2024, and May 7th, 2024, Sunwaves 32, the Spring Edition, gathers the best DJs and the happiest public on Sunwaves Beach (Mamaia Nord Bld., Mamaia Sat, Navodari). The music starts at 10 PM and promises to deliver all that electronic music fans desire.

In alphabetical order, the lineup for the spring edition is as follows: AG SWIFTY, Ale De Tuglie, Altin Boshnjaku, Arapu, Archie Hamilton, BRAD BRUNNER, CEZAR, Cosmjn, Dan Andrei, Elia Nafzger, EMI, Fabe, Gescu, Herodot, Ilario Alicante, Jamie Jones, Joey Daniel, Joseph Capriati, Kozo, Lizz, Loco Dice, Mahony, Marco Carola, Mihigh, Olga Korol, Paco Osuna, PERSIC, Petre Inspirescu, Praslea, Raresh, Rhadoo, Ricardo Villalobos, SIT - Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia, Sonja Moonear, Suciu, and Zip.

The DJs come from around the world (e.g., Chile, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Switzerland, Tunisia, Kosovo, and Romania), bringing the highlights of electronic music and the best vibes. Diversity and impressive lineups are what have transformed Sunwaves into an iconic festival and have determined thousands of people to travel to Constanta, Romania, only to attend the festival. Yes, Sunwaves Festival has become a destination.

Furthermore, each year, on May 1st, the Romanian part of the Black Sea coast starts the summer season. The weather is already hot enough for sunbathing and the Black Sea waters are warm enough for a swim. People are so eager to party at the beginning of the season that this time of the year has become well-known for its parties on the beach. The energy is electrifying. Sunwaves Spring Edition couldn’t be more welcome.

Keep in Mind: Sunwaves 33, the Summer Edition for 2024

Sunwaves Festival Summer Edition 2024 will be held between August 29th, 2024, and September 3rd, 2024 in the same fun venue. Although the lineup hasn’t been announced, we are sure it will be equally interesting as the one for the spring edition. And you can get better offers if you buy tickets for both editions at the same time.

The beginning of September means the end of the summer season. The beach gets empty and quiet. However, the weather is still very good, and many people choose to send off the season with legendary parties. They are farewell parties, full of memories from the past season and plans for the next one. Sunwaves Festival Summer Edition is the perfect way to end the summer vacation.

Bucharest Bachelors Provides Airport Transfer for Sunwaves Festival

We are happy to offer airport transfer from Bucharest OTP Airport to Mamaia or Constanta as well as accommodation in Mamaia and Constanta. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just buy your ticket to the Sunwaves Festival and book a flight. The idea is to provide you with a smooth trip and help you get the party started as soon as possible.

If you are planning a bachelor or hen party, then looking for transport to take you 250km between Bucharest and Constanta shouldn’t be on your to-do list. What should be on that list are activities to do in Mamaia, plans to dance until sunrise (Note: Sunrise over the Black Sea is incredible), and outfits to wear at the festival. Therefore, we provide options for small parties (4 people) and large parties (16 people). Focus on what’s important

We also provide one-way and return trips in case you prefer to live on the edge and not make plans in advance. It’s actually a philosophy that suits the Romanian Black Sea coast very well. People travel for a few hours, a weekend, or a week, but it is always possible for them to stay more than that. Lured in by music, dance, and parties and swept off their feet by majestic scenery, people visiting Mamaia are in danger of falling in love with the place


Photo by Mădălina Georgiana Pătru on Unsplash


Sunwaves Festival is an outstanding summer destination. Whether you plan a bachelor or bachelorette party or just want to have fun with your friends, attending this iconic electronic music festival will check all your boxes. The music is great, the people are friendly, the Black Sea is extremely beautiful, and Mamaia is the hive of Romanian beach fun. So start planning your journey by booking us to take you there and enjoy the best summer of your life.