Bucharest is renowned for being the ultimate destination for an action-packed, beer-soaked stag do, but we promise you that there is more to the city than meets the eye. Altered by its past history, Bucharest has become a revolutionary city, host to some of the best nightlife in Europe. So there’s no denying that it is the perfect destination for memorable stag weekends and affordable holidays.

See The Sights

As with any trip to the foreign land, sightseeing goes without question. When else might you get the chance to explore a new culture, or unearth such awesome attractions? Well, unless you’ve got money coming out of your ears or a private jet to hand, the answer is pretty obvious.

First on your list should definitely be Bran Castle. Who wouldn’t want to explore room’s dedicated to Transylvania’s most famous Count? The castle’s narrow corridors embody a mystical labyrinth of ghostly nooks and hidden chambers, making for the perfect chilling experience…

Or perhaps a trip to a spa is what you need to help you relax after a hardcore party session? But not any old spa. Therme Spa is the largest in Europe, with its themed saunas, panoramic pools and hidden jacuzzis. Sounds tempting, we know!

There are plenty of tourist magnets in Bucharest, including: the Arcul de Triumf (a symbol of Romania’s independence), the Palace of Parliament (the world’s second largest building), and the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History – it’s kind of self-explanatory. 

Head To Old Town

If being a tourist is the last thing you want on your stag break in Bucharest, then for sure beer is the next thing on your mind. And what better place to experience the best of Romania’s brews than by heading out on the town – in Old Town!

If you’re up for trying new things and are looking for something a little unique, take a visit to Nomad Skybar. It’s probably one of the greatest uses of a lost space that you’ll ever come across, with its huge (and we mean huge) glass roof. All the more better for soaking up the sun whilst sipping on a few drinks.


You can’t go to Bucharest and not take a trip down Lipscani Street; its where all the best watering holes are, including The Vintage Pub and Shoteria. Whether you fancy starting your afternoon off with a decent beer, or bringing the night to an end with a couple of shots, Old Town has just the thing to make it a top night with the lads.

Enjoy Romanian Eats

Now, everyone knows that you can’t travel to a foreign city without trying some of its finest, traditional cuisine. For all your meat lovers out there, Osho Steak should be at the very top of your list. It is the ultimate steakhouse in Bucharest, not to mention it is great value for money. What more could you ask for than a sumptuous steak with a little salad on the side? Or you know, you can scrap the salad…

But what about while you’re out on the razz? You need something to soak up that booze. Well, the Furgoneta Street Chefs are your heroes! Home to the best burgers in town, there has never been a more convenient way of eating out. You’ll be surprised at what the chefs can do while operating in a food truck. We guarantee you won’t get service like this anywhere else!

Other Things To Check Out

If you’ve got any spare time on your hands, it doesn’t hurt to get involved with some of the country’s traditions. If your there around the end of November/ beginning of December, be sure to celebrate Romania’s National Day with the locals. Get there early though if you want a decent view.


If people back home are expected a little piece of your trip, there are plenty of places to shop around for souvenirs. We highly recommend the Romanian Boutique for those traditional treats!

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