Bucharest is one of the best places in Europe to try a bar crawl tour. The offer of pubs, bars, and restaurants is outstanding, but one needs a guide to find those that fit their personality and preferences. While a bar crawl activity is a great way to get to know Bucharest’s nightlife, entering bar after bar and finding that they don’t offer the music, drinks, or atmosphere you’re looking for will kill your enthusiasm. So embark on the Bucharest Bachelor bar crawl tour and you won’t regret it.

Bar Crawl Tour for a Stag Party

Bucharest nightlife provides bars and clubs that indulge your senses, many of them located in the Old Town. During our bar crawl tour, you will enjoy shots, beers, and other drinks you might prefer. We will take you and your friends to three to five bars and clubs that meet your requirements in terms of music and atmosphere. Bucharest offers a variety of music clubs where you can enjoy all musical genres from dance beats to rock. And speaking of dancing, we can customise your bar crawl tour to include locations with a dance floor, where you can meet locals and party like they do.

And because this is a stag party, you need to know that Romania is well-known for its beautiful women. The vibrant nightlife of the city will offer you a glimpse into the Romanian beauty and a sexy night out for your stag party.

Bar Crawl Tour for a Hen Party

Although drinks are mandatory for a hen party too, the variety may differ. You may enjoy shots and spirits if you like, but you may also indulge in cocktails and wines. Romania produces amazing wines, and if you haven’t tried them during our premium wine tasting activity, you may as well try them now. The country also produces spirits and artisanal beer, which are tasty and cheaper than the international sorts. Tasting local foods and drinks may be another experience on your list.

You may also want some atmosphere for your hen party, such as a rooftop bar or a location where famous DJs are performing and you can dance all night. You may also fancy a place with unique facilities that resemble a music festival or an old factory. Whatever you wish for, we have you covered. Our Bucharest bar crawl tour is designed to make you happy and provide an authentic Romanian night out. Our English-speaking guide will listen to your wishes and fulfill them in no time. After all, your hen party shouldn’t have any flaws.

Bar Crawl Tour for Friends

If you plan a getaway with your friends in Bucharest, our bar crawl tour is the perfect weekend activity. As you don’t have much time, don’t waste it walking around the city aimlessly, looking for the best bar. Let us take you to several of the best bars and pubs in the Old Town and show you what a weekend night looks like in Bucharest.

For example, we can take you to karaoke bars where you can meet locals and sing like no one is listening (although everyone is listening). Or we can take you to bars that allow guests to watch sports on huge screens. If you are a soccer fan, you may add some new friends to your group here. Our bar crawl tour includes 3-5 locations, allowing you to combine the activities and make the entire group happy. Regardless of the type of bar or drink you choose, fun is guaranteed.

The tour includes a beer or a spirit drink in each location. However, you are welcome to purchase more and even have something to eat. We recommend you try the traditional Romanian spirit (called ţuică) and the Romanian wines and artisanal beers. Our guide will give you the best tips, explain what everything is, and make sure you choose something you like. No stress, no worries, no misunderstandings. Just a VIP night out, full of fun and amazing memories with your friends. Don’t forget to dress accordingly and be respectful as Romanians are pretty fashionable and appreciate a dash of good taste.


Bucharest Bachelors aims to provide the best Romanian night out experience for stag and hen parties as well as for groups of friends visiting Bucharest. The bar crawl tour is a great way to get around the Old Town and enjoy Bucharest nightlife. Not only that you visit a few well-chosen locations, but you also have an English-speaking guide to explain everything and work around the hustle of the city. Furthermore, you get to personalise the tour and choose bars and pubs that meet your expectations in terms of drinks, music, activities, and atmosphere. And you can try a mix-and-match planning process to make sure everyone in your group is happy.