Stag does in Romania are become ever more popular. Favoured for its adventurous activities and vibrant nightlife, Bucharest is known by many as ‘Little Paris’. Although jam-packed full of fantastic sights and attractions, it is no surprise that Romania’s capital is one of the best places to spend your last few days of freedom. As the stag do experts, we know what it takes to have an epic stag do, so here are a list of the best Bucharest stag activities in 2017. Whether you want to go extreme on your stag do, or even just spend a few hours in the company of cheap beer and beautiful women, there is so much here to do and see.

Bar Crawls & Nightclubs

Perhaps the best way to kick off your epic stag weekend in Bucharest is to explore the city’s main attractions. And by that we mean its clubs, bars and pubs. You can’t visit Romania without experiencing its colourful night scene, and what better way to do so than by touring some of the best bars and clubs in Europe. It doesn’t hurt to have a few drinks while you find your bearings for the weekend, so leave it to your guide to plan the night’s route. You’ll only be taken to the places where all the action is. So whether you visit a few bars or stay out until dawn in a nightclub, you can guaranteed that you won’t miss a thing.

Bubble Football

There is no denying that every guy loves a bit of football and the same can be said about zorbing. But why not combine the two? Well now you can! Bubble football is here to push you to your limits and put your FIFA skills to the test. The activity starts with each guy getting into their bubble suit that restricts any kind of arm movement, meaning you will need a lot of balancing skills to pull off this one. You can push your opponents, roll all over the pitch as much as you wish and score even without touching the ball. Although the rules are a bit different from regular football, this game is certain to bring the boys together like no other sport. As one of the best Bucharest stag activities in 2017, you’ll be able to brush up your footie skills for the next Premier League!


If you are looking for an adrenaline-filled activity on your stag do in Bucharest in 2017, then look no further than Bucharest’s outdoor go karting track. Here is the perfect opportunity to separate the boys from the men, as you experience the thrill of speed. In this crazy fun activity, you will be riding at neck breaking speeds just inches from the tarmac in either of our circuits. Once geared up you’ll be strapped into your go kart ready for the action. You can either take individual laps or do some drag races amongst yourselves. This is the ultimate activity to show the rest of the crew who the boss is when it comes to high octane driving.


Paintballing is all about stealth. It is inarguably amongst the best Bucharest stag activities in 2017. Being both physically and mentally involving, you are sure to have a fun-filled, action-packed day. In this activity, you and your group will be taken to a shooting range, where your fully-qualified instructor will get you all geared up and ready to engage in a colourful battle (don’t worry, you will be given a quick safety briefing beforehand!) There are different missions that you and your friends can engage. You can also propose your own mission. Perhaps you just want to ambush the groom and colour him all over…

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