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Bucharest Stag Weekends Ideas & Activities

The capital of Romania is renowned for being a fantastic destination for an action-packed, beer-soaked stag do party. With so many activities to get stuck into, it is impossible to find yourself sitting bored. Whether you want to take part in daytime activities or evening activities, Bucharest has something for all you stags out there! From bar crawls around the city and evening meals with the lads, to partying in nightclubs and watching an exclusive stripper and lap dancing show, you won't want to miss out!  Check out our stag do weekend packages in Bucharest from £56pp. 

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Bucharest Stag Do Ideas & Activities

Bucharest stag do weekends are reaching new heights in terms of partygoer standards. Every weekend thousands of eager stag do crews are flocking into this new and amazing party hub where the abundance of day and nighttime activities not only fulfill their expectations but also add whole new flavor to their lives! Regardless of your group size, nighttime expectations, or the amount of sheer enthusiasm you brought with you, the night in Romanian capital will be a stag weekend from your dreams. Prepare to fall in love with all the details regarding the fun your party is about to witness in Bucharest.

It has become a really difficult challenge to distinguish Romanian capital from its other European counterparts since Bucharest stag do weekends today offer just as much fun with even lower potential spending. It is the vibe of a thriving cosmopolitan city that will win over your body just as you arrive making you all wonder why you never came here before and witness the Balkan party euphoria merged with very affordable prices.

Stag do weekends demand certain expectations since these nights are about to be the "last days of your freedom" before the big wedding day, in which we all dream of relentless parties long into the night with all the naughty pleasures on the side. One thing that will differentiate the Bucharest stag do experience overall from other more common stag do's is the fact that you can't find anywhere such a thriving set of both day and nighttime activities for such little cost at the end.

Up until recently, this was pretty much an isolated place for the eyes of the westerner visitors, but the moment Bucharest raised it gates the very same moment thousands of stag parties started to take place in this bustling concrete party hub.

Just as you arrive the day should ideally start with a couple of drinks in one of numerous pubs and bars where you can quickly consolidate your plans and prepare your group for unforgettable Bucharest's stag do adventure. So without the further ado jump into Bucharest stag do hype and experience those days before marriage like you are supposed to!

Bucharest stag do daytime activities

After a couple of drinks, you can take Bus On/Bus off the tour of the city with a friendly English speaking guide. These tours can be an amazing opportunity to get to know the city much better and combining them with exciting Beer Bikes might just not only be the best way to get to know the new place but also a hilarious and refreshing start of your adventure. Once you take a peek around the most famous corners of Bucharest, it will be time to blend into some of the more traditional Bucharest stag do daytime activities.

After all those kegs of beer, it might be the perfect time to try some of that hilarious bubble football that is going to be one of the funniest moments of your Bucharest stag do experience. It really depends on what your buddies expectations are, but the fun on wheels or the fun with many different ways of shooting might be the new best step to take. Paintball and Airsoft matches in exciting surrounding will not only pump your adrenaline like never before but also they prove to be the favorite pick for most of the stag do groups. If you prefer shooting with live ammunition, there are numerous shooting ranges with a huge variety of both automatic and semi-automatic rifles where you will be put before the choice of firing them into clay pigeons or typical standing targets.

Some of that party on wheels can always be a great addition to any stag weekend. You can always hit a couple of drinks then go for some of that famous Go-Karting, or take an even more exciting approach and go for a real Rally drive! Not to mention that you can wander into Bucharest’s natural surrounding for an Off-road experience with a professional instructor and all of the safety gear needed. Whatever you chose for your daytime Bucharest party activity it is guaranteed to be moving and refreshing for your stag party crew. Stag weekend in Romanian capital during the day might be after all the newest experience for most of your crew since Bucharest combines a unique mix of design, multimedia and various approaches of art on its streets to capture your attention in an unprecedented way. Regardless of your group size, you will fit into the Bucharest party euphoria without any problems.

Before the real stag night adventure starts to unfold you can also check out Bucharest famous water park and Spa complex since the Romanian capital is home to the biggest indoor beach complex in Europe. There will always be many different ways to relax your body and soul during the day in Bucharest before the main part of every stag do party comes in focus. And of course, we are talking about the nightlife you are about to witness. So should the night start with dining from a naked stripper body? Well, if sushi tasting is not your thing then maybe a premium wine tasting just might be… There are countless ways to enjoy Bucharest stag do party and the options are only starting to unfold.

Bucharest stag do nighttime activities

As for the strippers, your stag night can be a lot spicier if you hire some of these charming ladies to enjoy your weekend fun with their usual service or maybe if your buddies are more interested in them being your personal servants. The options with them are many, and their witty nature will win over your group. One thing you don't need to worry about is the night hours since most of the places will be open long into the next day after you enter them. You should expect that there is a great possibility that you will lose the track of time in some of the best Bucharest clubs with all the fun you will get.

Evening meals will be a great addition to your appetite with them ranging from Medieval banquet to mouthwatering traditional Romanian cuisine. You will find out soon enough why no one leaves Bucharest party without a few pounds more! At this point, your group will probably ask themselves how are you all planning to arrive at one of these famous Bucharest clubs. The less expensive option would be renting a Mercedes minivan for your crew. But, the more extravagant and bachelors would certainly be the luxurious limo that will put your stag party on a new level and make you arrive anywhere with great comfort and style.

Stag weekends in Bucharest reached their legendary status recently purely for the fact that the clubs found within this city are not only more affordable but certainly with a more unique atmosphere and its usual visitors. Knowing that so many partygoer youngsters flock into Bucharest every weekend can only be a great addition to your overall stag experience. It doesn't matter how you plan to organize your nighttime you will be approached by many beautiful Romanian ladies that you will never forget for the rest of your life. They will most certainly be the best flavor of your stag do experience in Bucharest.

The weekend of fun with them will be one of the most provocative pages of your life's love book and they will be the subject of every sight you take when you hear about this city in the future. Regardless of what you might hear of, the Bucharest is very liberal city perfect for a stag do groups to blend into the cosmopolitan vibe that dwells within its streets. Bucharest’s party is not only more affordable but more exciting and exotic than any other westerner counterparts.

The residents are doing anything they can to make you feel welcomed and they will be more than happy to help you and show you around everything that you ask for. Don't hesitate to ask locals for directions to famous landmarks or simply to join your crew for a drink or two. Balkan hospitality is legendary, and you will feel all of its stereotypes just as you arrive. People learned very well how to celebrate everything nice that life can bring with it, and you will best learn this in the company of these beautiful Romanian ladies we spoke about. Not to mention that they might be the best addition to your Bucharest stag do weekend. They are witty, beautiful, easygoing and they show intensive interest in all the foreigners coming from a distant culture than their own.

Of course, they will also be one of the best things that will happen to your stag do party and the best way to find their company would be in one of many bustling nightclubs. You won't have trouble finding them since some of the best clubs in Bucharest are located right in the city center while others are not far away from each other. There will never be more than half of hour between two clubs if you plan to go club surfing while on your Stag do party there.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind tho. If you plan to organize your stag do party in Bucharest to its fullest extent then consolidate with your stag do crew plans on how to experience as much of the city as you can while being there only for a weekend. Since most of the stag do groups feel sorry for the fact that just a few days were not enough to experience Bucharest as this amazing city deserves. For all that is worth, all the fun activities that you are about to witness during the day and night time in Romanian capital are going to be the best time of your lives and a topic of a future debate among you about how and when to return for some of this sweet-sweet Bucharest stag party hype. Bucharest stag do party awaits for your crew!

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