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Shooting in Bucharest

Shooting Range in Bucharest


When searching for that action-packed filled daytime excursion with the boys, look no further than our Gun Shooting Bucharest activity. Reserved for those who need an added dose of excitement, this tour is the ultimate guys’ trip adventure. 


The once communist regime has fantastic bunkers and open ranges where this testosterone-filled daytime excursion takes place. Bucharest Bachelors has turned it up a notch by adding an english speaking guide as well as a variety of rifles that will make you feel like a kid again. 


You can’t take a stag party holiday and spend it waiting in line at a museum, let the stag party boys here at Bucharest Bachelors put together an itinerary you won’t soon forget.

Shooting Options

Option 1

Bullets per person • 5 shots with AK-47 Kalashnikov rifle • 10 shots with FN Scar rifle • 10 shots with Glock Rifle Conversion Roni G1 • 10 shots with CZ 75 Kadet

Return Transfers and English Speaking Guide Included

Option 2
25 Bullets x Sig Sauer X5 9mm/Shooting a leased line for half an hour/Shooting instructor for the entire period/1 target
Option 3

50 x 9x18mm Cartridge, Makarov Pistol, Shooting A Leased Line For Half An Hour, Shooting Instructor For The Entire Period, 2 Targets

Option 4

3 shots with AK-47 Kalashnikov rifle // 10 shots with FN Scar rifle // 5 shots with Glock model 17

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