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Smash Room in Bucharest

When you plan a bachelor or bachelorette party or a trip with your friends you want to blow off some steam and have fun. We are prepared to show you the best nightclubs in Bucharest, the most adrenaline-filled day activities in and around the capital of Romania, and many interesting places. But we are also prepared to let you have your way and smash a room to pieces, of course, in a controlled and safe environment.

A rage or smash room is a room full of old objects that you can destroy without mercy. The concept was designed as a means to release stress, forget about daily worries, and let go of anger and resentment. A form of therapy, if you want. Over time, it has become a way to have fun without worrying about how it looks. Our smash room in Bucharest is a great place to be in control of your emotions and bond with your friends. It may seem violent, but it is actually therapeutic because it focuses emotions into physical energy, allows you to show your vulnerable side, and brings in compassion and empathy. What better way to prepare yourself for a wedding than getting in touch with your inner self in a fun smash room in Bucharest?

Now, let’s discuss the details. You can choose from a broad range of objects, such as electronics, glass, and ceramics. You can also choose to have the room for yourself or share it with friends. And, if smashing things is not enough or not your thing, you can book a screaming room to finish the deal.

Smash Room Options

Option 1

15 minutes of smashing for 1 to 5 persons (you can share a room or take turns)

20 items/ person - items can be electronics or glass/ceramics/porcelains.

safety gear

We take care of the planning so that you focus on the fun.
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