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Palinka Tasting
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Palinka Tasting

Palinka (palinca in Romanian) or țuica (Romanian pronunciation: [t͡sujkə]) is a traditional Romanian spirit with a long and rich history. It’s part of any celebration and holiday. In the old days, most Romanian families made their own palinka using fruits from their garden such as plums, apples, pears, apricots, mirabelle, and even wild berries. Anything for an extra layer of flavour and taste.


Why not impress your friends with an exquisite palinka tasting experience in Bucharest? Discover Romanian palinka and find out the stories that come with it. You’ll find the best Romanian types of palinka right here, in Bucharest. Make sure you can handle it. Romanian palinka contains 24–65% alcohol by volume (usually 40–55%)!

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4 Shots of Palinka and 1 Tuica
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