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Escape Room

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Escape Room in Bucharest

It is time to delve into the enormous Bucharest Escape Rooms. Think you can find the solution to release yourself from captivity? This real life escape game requires more than just a key to get out – it requires patience, team work, and most of all, determination. After all, you wouldn’t want to be stuck inside forever!

WARNING! Only those who think they can succeed dare to enter!

Activity includes:

Each Team Will Get 60 Minutes To Overcome Challenges and to Escape From The Room. Choices: The Black Pearl, In Time, and What if.


The Black Pearl - Enter the exciting world of Pirates of the Caribbean and help Captain Jack Sparrow escape the Curse of Davy Jones: 100 years of service aboard the Ship of the Lost Souls, The Flying Dutchman.

In Time - Time has gone wrong, it goes against me and I haven’t got enough! I must get more ... In an ordinary escape room game, time is your enemy, but here it will be your ally. The game does not start from 60 minutes descending, but from 15, and you have to earn time to stay in the room until the end!

What If - How about waking up in an unknown place, seemingly unreal but in which everything seems so familiar? Would you try to come back to reality? Would you be overwhelmed by memories? What would it be like to see your whole life through your eyes? Would you give it back? Would you do things differently?


1 Hour

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