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Beer Bike
Hen Weekends In Bucharest
Beer Bike

Catch the iconic landmarks that grace the streets of Bucharest with our beer bike adventures! This exciting activity is one of our top sellers among bachelors and bachelorettes for a good reason: it is entertaining, unconventional, and quite a memorable experience.

And what is a beer bike you might ask? Imagine a multi-passenger human-powered pedaling vehicle that is supplied with a 30-liter keg of beer and a travel guide to show you the ropes of Romania’s capital. That’s right, bikes and beers galore, right here at BucharestBachelors!

Custom-made Trips

You get to choose which attractions you want to visit with your entourage. However, if you haven’t got a plan, leave the itinerary logistics to our expert tour guides who will accommodate all your demands. Besides bikes and beers, your tour can combine other different activities and their order to maximize your experience.

Keep calm and keep pedaling!

We all know the phrase “easy like riding a bike”, however, riding a beer bike in Bucharest has it’s set of rules you need to adhere to. You are obliged to remain seated during the whole ride until your main driver gives you permission to stand up. Additionally, do not jump off of a moving bike as it can be dangerous and cause traffic accidents.

During the Ride

Although alcohol is one of the main ingredients of this adventure, being too drunk can put everyone at risk in the traffic. That is why the main driver has the right to refuse serving beer. Another thing the main driver can decide is whether or not to interrupt the tour if it proves to be too dangerous for both the participants and the public. Remember to behave decently!

Alcohol & smoking

Serving alcohol to participants under the age of 18 is prohibited. Additionally, spirits are forbidden during the tour. Beer and beverages are served cold. Smoking, however, is allowed during the ride.

Your public relations

As fun as beer bike adventures can get in Bucharest, please avoid yelling and harassing pedestrians or traffic participants. Focus on your party. Our beer bikes include lighting and audio systems so feel free to use our Bluetooth connection to play your tunes.

Toilet breaks

Naturally, toilet breaks are included in the arrangements. Urinating in public is strictly prohibited!

Activity incudes
Beer Bike Rental For 1.5-2 Hours, 5 Beers per person Max 15 People on One Bike
Useful information
Duration: 2 hours
Drink: 5 Beers Per Person (Bottles)
Guide: Yes
Best Price Guaranteed
We take care of the planning so that you focus on the fun
Hassle-free bookings
Simply select your desired destination and leave the rest to us
Expert Event Planners
Your own event planner to help you create the perfect weekend
Small Deposit
Book for as little as £50!
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