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UEFA Euro 2020 Bucharest

Euro 2020 will be the 16thedition of the European Football Championship. Now, because in 2020 UEFA will celebrate 60 years from the 1st edition of European Football Championship, the tournament of Euro 2020 will be organised in 12 European cities.

Bucharest is one of the lucky cities in Europe that will organise several matches during Euro 2020. In fact, Euro 2020 Romania will be the first major competition, at this level, organised here.

The event includes 4 matches on 14 , 18 , 22 and 29 June. The first three matches are part of Group C, while the fourth match will be a game in Round of 16. The matches will take place at the National Arena Stadium – the same stadium where Atlético Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao (3-0) in the 2012 UEFA Europa League Final.

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