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UEFA Euro 2020 & 2021 Bucharest

Euro 2020 Romania

The long-awaited sports spectacle is closer than ever. The year 2020 will be especially festive in Romania because EURO 2020 will be held in Romania. Bucharest is one of the 12 hosting cities ready to welcome fans of this exciting game. 

One of the most expected spectacles by football fans around the world. Men are eagerly waiting for Romania Euro 2020 that will take place at the National Arena Bucharest with four matches and an endless array of memories.

Next, to the usual football euphoria, UEFA is ready to present the newly created UEFA Festival where everyone is welcome to enjoy fine arts, various activities, and most importantly football! 


The new format of this competition allows fans from all over Europe to enjoy matches in their cities and yet Bucharest will stay at the top of the game with all the party wonders that you won't find elsewhere.


If you are ready to experience the greatest football competition next year in Bucharest, then stay a bit longer and find out all the details that you need to know about the upcoming spectacle.

Overview of the Euro 2020 Competition 


UEFA has decided to organize "a party throughout Europe" to celebrate the 60 years since the inaugural tournament and, for the second time in history, will feature 24 teams. The tournament will be held between June 12 and July 12, 2020. 


As the competition is held in several countries, there is no automatic classification, and each of the UEFA member countries will have to win its place in the final phase.


The classification process undergoes several changes and the introduction of the new system has given rise to some confusion. The most important modification to the new system is that the 2020 Euro Cup will be held in 12 different European Capitals of which four matches will be held in Bucharest. 


Twenty of these venues will host at least three matches of the group stage and one elimination round each.

The Biggest European Cup Romania Euro 2020

The decision to expand the number of matches in order to cover the continent instead of being limited to the single or two hosting nations was taken by the UEFA Executive Committee in 2012 as a special way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the tournament. 


Romani Euro 2020 will consist of six groups that are composed of four teams.


The group stage begins on June 12, the qualifiers on June 17 and the final match on July 12. As in the Euro 2016, the winner and runner-up of each group, as well as the top four third parties, advance to the round of 16.

Witness the Historical Moments 


Romania Euro 2020, Bucharest will host four matches, from June 14 to June 29, and all of them will be held at the National Arena Bucharest. Fans will have the opportunity to witness three matches in the group stage and one in the finals. Tickets can be purchased for all 51 matches of the final tournament. 


The edition with the number 60 is a special one, celebrating the 2020 Euro Cup like never before, and it will demand unprecedented performance for the whole UEFA. 


An unprecedented number of three million tickets will be available for fans, meaning that more football supporters than ever will have the chance to live this experience. 


“LIVE IT. FOR REAL" is now the famous slogan designed to inspire and encourage supporters to watch matches live at the stadium and not simply in front of the screen.

Live it for Real in Bucharest 


Bucharest will host four matches on at the National Football Arena: three in Group C (on June 14, 18 and 22, 2020) and one final on June 29, 2020. In the event of qualifying for EURO 2020, the National Team of Romania will also play at least two matches at the National Stadium. 


What may come as very useful information to anyone planning to attend matches at Euro Cup 2020 in Romania is that the tickets are 40% cheaper in Baku, Budapest, and Bucharest than in Western countries of Europe. 


In addition, the tickets for the matches of the eighth-best teams have the same price as for the matches in the groups. In the most likely case where the number of applications will be greater than the number of tickets, a lottery will be organized by UEFA. 


A final ticket sale period will be scheduled in December 2019, for supporters of qualified teams at the final tournament.

Find the Best Package to Support Your Team

For Euro Romania 2020 football spectacle you will have an option between two different types of tickets. An individual ticket that can be used for a single match at the National Stadium and a special kind of "Follow My Team" ticket that will be sold after December 2019. 


This ticket allows fans to watch an elimination match of the favorite team, regardless of the place of the match. If the favorite team will be eliminated before the elimination phases, the respective fans will be refunded the full amount spent to purchase the ticket in question. 


At each game, UEFA will provide at the lowest price category, a number of tickets for supporters with disabilities at the stadium where they will watch the match. People with disabilities will also have the opportunity to request a supplementary ticket for an attendant.


The first 2020 visitors will receive a raffle ticket, and the next day, by drawing lots, 11 winners will be designated who will receive a national jersey signed by the Euro-2020 ambassadors in Bucharest!

Wild Party Energy Will Be in Sign of Football

Romania Euro 2020 in Bucharest will be a spectacle of energy. Everywhere throughout the city, you can expect to find special entertainment treats that are already being prepared and so many of them that are still unannounced. 


The UEFA Festival will capture everyone's attention with various acts ideal for all ages and yet numerous visitors can't wait to see what the locals and famous party spots prepared for these unforgettable moments. 


One thing is for sure, the June of 2020 in Bucharest will be in the sign of arguably the greatest game that man has ever created and so many surprises await all who plan to witness this one of a kind spectacle with their own eyes.

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